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Department of Finance

The Department of Finance offers academic programs leading to the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a concentration in finance, a Finance concentration within the MBA program, and an integrated BSBA/MBA program that allows the student to receive a BSBA and MBA with only 156 credits.

Finance is the science and art of managing money, hence finance or money is at the heart of why businesses exist and continue to operate. Regardless of what your business entails, selling shoes, cars, clothes, hamburgers, or even haircuts a business is in business to make money. Owners provide the funds to start a business enterprise with the expectation of earning a reasonable return on their investment. A business firm will cease operations if it fails to offer its owners the expectation of returns sufficient to justify their investment. Analyzing the performance of a business enterprise and evaluating alternatives that might altar that performance requires financial skills. These skills are required not only in the private sector, but must be applied in the public sector to better enhance the results of government spending and even in the non-profit sector, remember not for profit does not mean “for loss”.

The Department of Finance’s faculty members bring real-world experience to the classroom, and utilizing the state-of-the-art facilities in the brand-new School of Business building will give you hands-on experience in a corporate setting. An example of this experience is access to the world’s premier business database, Bloomberg, see an example at As a result an RMU School of Business Finance major hits the ground running, primed with the confidence and knowledge needed to land a good job and succeed in this competitive field.

Finance graduates have the ability to choose among all sectors of our economy. Jobs exist in Corporate/Business finance, within the banking industry, within the investments arena, and also in insurance, government, and consulting. In addition many of our students go on to achieve professional designations such as (CFP) Certified Financial Planner, or (CFA) Certified Financial Analyst.

Finance students have in the past enjoyed both internship experiences and employment opportunities with many regional and national firms such as; American Eagle Outfitters, Rue 21, 911th Airlift Wing, C.B. Anderson, E.F. Powell, Heferon-Tillotsen, Merrill Lynch, UPMC Health System, UPS, Wells Fargo Financial, American Express, Federated Investors, PNC Bank, Mellon Bank, and Black Box to name a few.

The department sponsors the Student Chapter of the Financial Management Association (FMA). The organization provides students with opportunities to learn from outside speakers, field trips, and community service. While you may ultimately choose a concentration that is not finance the pending problems of the Social Security system and the demise of defined benefit retirement plans requires that every student should have exposure to concepts of finance and investing to be better prepared individual.