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Department of Economics and Legal Studies

The Department of Economics and Legal Studies offers a concentration in economics leading to Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree. The economics concentration provides a strong foundation in the theory of the discipline and numerous applications to global economic activity. A minor in economics is available to any student at Robert Morris Univeristy. Study in economics is excellent preparation for careers in business, industry, banking and government, graduate work in economics and social sciences, and advanced professional education in law, journalism and business.

Courses in legal studies are offered to support all students in the School of Business. Basic concepts in legal studies are incorporated in all concentrations in the School of Business. Advanced courses in the discipline are offered, and a minor in legal studies is available to students in any degree area. The legal studies minor is a nice complement to any concentration for the BSBA degree.

A student chapter of Phi Beta Lamba and the Pre-Law Society, another student organization, are supported from within the department.

Pre-Law Advisory Program

The Coordinator of the Robert Morris University Pre-Law Advisory Program is a faculty member of the Department of Economics and Legal Studies.

The mission of the Pre-Law Advisory Program, a University wide Program, is to prepare Robert Morris University graduates for a successful law school career. Robert Morris University's Pre-Law Advisory Program is designed to educate, enlighten, and counsel students who desire to attend law school or explore career opportunities in the legal profession. A highlight of the Pre-Law Advisory Program is the Robert Morris University Pre-Law Society, a student-driven organization providing information, counseling, and various programs of interest to assist students in learning more about the law. The pre-law society is open to all Robert Morris University students in good standing interested in attending law school or pursuing a career in the legal profession. The Advisor of the Robert Morris University Pre-Law Society is a member of the Department of Economics and Legal Studies.

Consistent with the recommendations of the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools, RMU offers a Pre-Law Advisory Program that focuses on advising, mentoring, and directed course study. As these organizations suggest, RMU undergraduates interested in the law develop certain skills, values, and basic areas of knowledge essential to the study of law.

Students involved in the Pre-Law Advisory Program are advised and mentored by faculty members, attorneys, and law students. Students are encouraged to develop mastery of the skills law schools value most, such as Analysis and Problem Solving, Critical Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Listening, and General Research Skills.