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Bloomberg Guide

What are the Bloomberg Terminals?

They are computers on campus that have a Bloomberg Professional software program installed and also have unique keyboard. They allow you to access all the news, analytics, communications, charts, liquidity, functionalities and execution services that you need to find relevant financial data.

Where are the Bloomberg Terminals located?

We have 11 Bloomberg Terminals located within the School of Business Building. Upstairs in the United States Steel Corporation Computer Lab Room 210, there are 8 Bloomberg Terminals. Downstairs in the PNC Trading Center Room 118, there are 2 Bloomberg Terminals located in the back of the room near the window, and the instructor computer is also a Bloomberg Terminal for faculty use. There is also 1 Bloomberg Terminal located on the second floor of Massey Hall for Graduate Assistant use.

How do I logon to the Bloomberg Terminals?

To use the Bloomberg Software, logon to one of the Bloomberg Terminals with your RMU username and password. Then, click the Bloomberg icon located on the left-hand side of your desktop to launch the Bloomberg Application.

Once the Bloomberg Application opens, hit the red "DEFAULT" key on your keyboard. Then, if you are a first time user, hit the green "GO" or "Enter" key, leaving the Login Name and Password fields blank.

You will then be prompted to fill out some information to create your account and login. Follow the instructions in the top left-hand corner of the Bloomberg window.

*Make sure you are near a phone, the Bloomberg Application requires a phone call or text message for account verification.

After following the instructions, you are now ready to start using all the resources and data that Bloomberg has to offer.

How do I navigate the Bloomberg keyboard?

The Bloomberg Application is designed to work with a unique keyboard made specifically for the application. The keyboard is similar to a standard keyboard, however it includes a few extra keys and colors to make using the Bloomberg Application easier.

In the below table, the names of the keys referred to are those names in all capital letters on the keyboard.
For example, the Escape key is labeled with "Esc" and "CANCEL", this key would be named the CANCEL key.

Keyboard Key


 CONN DEFAULT  Login/Logoff
 CANCEL  Cancels what you are doing and Returns you to main page
 LAW  Global law and regulation, litigation, legal analysis, news, etc.
 GOVT  Worldwide sovereign and agency securites
 CORP  Corporate Debt
 MTGE  Mortgage markets instruments
 M-MKT  Continuously issued and short-term dated paper
 MUNI  U.S. municipality issued debt
 PFD  Preferred securities
 EQUITY  ADRs, mutual funds, rights, stocks, options, warrants
 CMDTY  Commodities, futures, options, spot rates
 INDEX  Global equity indices, economic indices
 CRNCY  Spots, futures, options, forex on over 100 currencies
 ALPHA  Portfolio Functions
 PANEL  Rotates between Bloomberg windows

Pressed after a command to run a function
(Equivalent to an Enter key)

MENU Returns you to the previous screen
(Equivalent to a Back key)

Scroll forward within a screen
(Equivalent to a Page Down key)


Scroll backward within a screen
(Equivalent to a Page Up key)

HELP Press once for the help pages including How Tos and FAQs
Press twice for live help from the Bloomberg Help Desk
SEARCH Perform a keyword search
NEWS Main News menu
PRINT Sends the current screen to the Release Station.

Bloomberg Essentials Training Program

After creating a login, you have access to Bloomberg Essentials or BESS, which includes on-line training videos to become more comfortable with the software. There are both Core Videos and Market Videos offered. Once you have completed a video, you have the option to test your knowledge by taking a Core Exam that covers all of the Core Videos, a Market Exam for each Market Video. If you you pass these Exams with a score of 75% or better, you can earn the Acknowledgement of Completion.